Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 32 & 33.


I seemed to have slipped up on documenting my days. 
Truth be told last week was a bleak one. 
Our main laptop--the one I mainly use for blogging and picture editing and storing all of my pictures crashed. And I lost pretty much every picture I have taken this year. 
Yes, we should have backed things up and I feel terrible about not doing just that. I was blue for a few days and didn't feel like doing anything with pictures or my camera. 


So I am here to recap two weeks of my life. Some good days and some terribly sad. 
I know my troubles may seem insignificant compared to so many others but they are my troubles and they vexed me a lot. 
I hate losing my all my pictures and my memories and I am trying to get over it. 

Let's see my last 2 weeks have been like...

Week 32..

Day 217: Saree shopping at Anokhi. Love the prints and the super soft fabric at Anokhi. 

Day 218: The monkeys of Kipling are so adorable. They each have names and so cute!

Day 219: City views and sunsets. 

Day 220: Much needed fuel. My coffee of choice at Starbucks is either an Iced-Vanilla Latte or a Caramel Macchiato. 

Day 221: The pretty insides of my Neendori with a Bobba Tea sticker! So adorable! 

Day 222: A rare rain day! I miss the rainy seasons of my childhood. The rains this year have been dismal.

Day 223: Ring love! 

Now let's jump on to Week 33..

Day 224: My little plushie darlings--Little Miss Naughty and Little Miss Chatterbox! 

Day 225: The bottom most shelf of my bookshelf..all books from India and around! 

Day 226: James Bong! Pretty much one of my favourite little people...I have coffee mug, a tee-shirt and now a phonecase with this illustration on it. It's from Chimpwear! 

Day 227: Cute pens and planner pages. 

Day 228: Bliss! 

Day 229: A little pretty. 

Day 230: A pretty edition of Paper edition is nowhere as pretty. I have pretty mixed feelings about this book. I like it...and I am looking forward to watching the movie soon. 


That took a while! 

Will see you next week with another weekly post. 

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