Thursday, 20 August 2015

Vignettes: Necklace + Sunset + Coffee!!!


Happy Thursday folks! 

And all I did this Thursday was sleep, eat fruits and rest. 

Yesterday, I took a roadtrip with my family to Shirdi-- a temple town. The trip was full of bumps. 
A dog ran into our car---the dog is fine---but the car was a mess. Busted radiator and compressor and a nasty dent in front. First out AC went out. And then the horn went kaput. 

Long story short we spent nearly 10 hours getting our poor car fixed. God bless, seriously bless the great dudes of the Honda dealership in Nasik for helping us out! 

We got home at 12:30 am having left at five in the morning! 

A long, long day! 

So let's talk about something happy instead. 


1. A favourite necklace. Elephants and other happy shiny bits. 

2. A lovely pink tinged sunset. 

3.  My spice box full of everyday essential Indian spices. 

4. Printed leggings and super comfy flats. 

5. A lilac satchel. 

6. Coffee I love! 

Today all I want to do is eat my dinner, drink some lemon tea and watch some shows on my laptop. 

And decide on my sister's new laptop..

And start reading a new book. 

Will be back soon! 

Happy Reading.

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