Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Travel Diary//// Road-Trip to Shirdi.


Exactly a week ago today I went on a road-trip to Shirdi with my family. 
Shirdi is best known as being the home of Sai Baba- a religious and spiritual guru. A man who lived very simply and preached love, helping others, forgiveness and charity. My family deeply believes in Sai Baba and whenever my parents are in Bombay, they make a trip to Shirdi. 

So off we went...we left early in the morning at 5:00 am and it was smooth sailing for a while. Quiet early morning scenes. Pitch darkness and then the quiet sunrise. Cloudy skies and open roads. It was all good. We drove through Igatpuri, a place I've only seen through the windows of a train or while driving by. I really want to visit it and spent some time there. It looks beautiful and serene. 

We hit a spot of trouble half way there, dog ran into our car (the dog was fine) and damaged our radiator and compressor and soon enough our AC stopped working and our horn sounded like a whimpering goat. :( Funny but not fun! 

We made it to Shirdi at 10:15 am and went straight to the temple and stood in line.
It took an hour to get darshan and we had an amazing darshan...we could stand in the main temple for a while. 

Then we headed to lunch and then we waited for our car to get fixed.
The garage in Shirdi couldn't do much so we headed out to 4:00 pm. 
The road was lovely and it was nice-ish having the windows down and the wind in my hair
We got to Nasik at 6:00 pm and it is such a lovely little city and the weather was so pleasant. 
It took another 3 hours for our car to get fully fixed. I must say, the folks at the Honda service center went above and beyond to help us out. 

Finally we hit the road and headed home. The late night drive on the highway was fun too. 
We finally got home after midnight utterly exhausted! 

While I enjoyed the drive and the temple visit..the rest of the day was pretty dismal. 
But you know what I love about my family? 
I love that we can laugh and find funny moments in the darkest of times.
I love travel, even small day trips like this. 

Here's to more travel...albeit without such road-blocks! 


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