Sunday, 30 August 2015

Stationery Sunday: Pocket Sized Traveler's Notebook

So, I received my first ever leather Field Notes sized (5.5x3.5 inches) Traveler's Notebook! I ordered this from an Etsy seller called 'Naked Cow Leather'. As you can see, it is a gorgeous camel brown leather and is super soft! I asked for the edges to be stitched and for a pen loop to be added. You get these extras by paying a small additional fee.

Now, not that one needs an excuse to buy more stationery, but I do have a fair amount of travel coming up and so, I want to try using the Field Notes size to plan, journal and use as my on-the-go doodle book whilst I am on the road. I think this little TN will be just the thing!

In terms of set-up, I just did the basic- I added in a dashboard- that's just some pretty paper that has been laminated- to hold post-its/ sticky notes and other page flags and such that I can quickly reach when I am on-the-move. I have added two little pocket-sized notebooks- one to do my daily journaling in and the other to act as a scheduler/ planner type book.

And yes, we don't get Field Notes very easily in India and so, I found these cute Memo Books at a bookstore and picked them up. They are the same size and are more readily available. I need to see how they fare with ink pens and different inks, though, but these are still a good alternative.

So, that was a little sneak peak into my newest travel companion. As I start using this TN a bit more, especially, whilst I am traveling, I'll share more pics and thoughts about it.

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