Saturday, 28 November 2015

General Whimsy: Happiness Lately.

1. Make-up and beauty things in grocery stores makes me very happy. Buy essentials and pick up make-up bits as well. Something for everyone. 
I lately picked up these Street Wear nail paints while grocery shopping. And I got them for Rs. 15 off for each of the polishes. So win-win. 
I love the colours I picked up. 

I also recently picked up 2 Lakme lipsticks from their 9 to 5 range. Creamy yet matte-ish and I got two brown/nude shades. I also like the rose gold packaging. 

2. Colouring books! Something that always brings me sooooo much joy.
And these one from Yellow Paper House are so lovely. 
I could colour in them for hours. It really is a great way to unstress and relax.
Aren't the tea things so cute?!
I  am also really loving glitter pens to colour. 

3. Dunkin Donuts...well how can donuts not make you happy?!

4. A slice of happiness. An almond, chocolate and brownie cake from Indigo Deli. 
So good! 

5. My sister's duppattas. Colour. Print. Silk and handmade and handwoven. I love the dupattas my sister has acquired over the years. So lovely and I really want to start borrowing from her closet. :) 

Hope your weekend is going well. 

Mine involves Murakami, movies and enjoying the slight winter nip in the air. Bombay finally feels a little chill today. 


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