Sunday, 22 November 2015

General Whimsy: Weekend Watching--- Netflix Shows + Movies.


How has your weekend been? 

Mine was a slightly busy one. 

My sister has had to travel on work and we spent some time doing some prep for her travel and running some errands. 

We also managed to watch some movies and discover new TV shows to fall in love with! 


Thought I'd share and recommend some of the things I've enjoyed lately. 

1. Jessica Jones: I am a Marvel fan and watch pretty much everything that comes from the Marvel universe. :) My sister is a bigger and more avid comic book adaptation fan. If I have to choose between Marvel and DC I'd probably choose Marvel. 

My sister watches stuff from the DC-verse too.  She watched and loved Daredevil, another Netflix series earlier in the year and quite liked it. Jessica Jones is the newest offering from the DC-verse, she is  a super-hero/ private investigator. With a traumatic past looming large and the threat of Killgrave keeping her on her toes, this new Netflix series is a fun ride. I have seen the first 2 episodes and I am really loving it. 
Highly recommend. Plus it has David Tennant playing a really creepy and evil super-villain. So good!
I can't wait to watch more. 

2. Master of None: So funny! I like Aziz Ansari, he is funny and so immensely watchable. I really liked him in Parks and Recreation and he is so funny in Master of None, where he plays Dev, an actor living in New York. The show apart from being funny, witty and sincere and real, also talks of very important things like people of colour in TV, relationships with parents and old people and how their lives change as they grow older. Even though it talks of serious and important things, it does it in a real and not preachy way. I highly recommend this for some easy and fun viewing. 

Now on to some movies. Both starring Henry Cavill. I am having a bit of Henry Cavill moment. Don't judge...he is very hot and such a joy to watch ;) 

Man of Steel: Superman is my favourite superhero, ever since I was a kid. He is my most known and familiar superhero. And I make a point to watch all of the movies made with him. Somehow Man of Steel fell under my radar and I forgot all about it. Well, amended that this weekend and I am so glad I finally watching this movie. 

A fun and entertaining ride as always and such a new look and feel to a very familiar story. 
I loved this new imagining of this world. 
So good! 

The Man from U.N.C.L.E--- Who doesn't love spy movies? I know I do. And no one does  spy movies like the British do. This movie is slick and funny and fun and so full of cool, cool moments. 
Plus it'd full of vey likeable characters. So good. I really, really loved this movie. And it's set in the 60s and the fashion in this movie is such a joy to watch. 


This is what my weekend watching has entailed. 

Hope your weekend was nice too. 

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