Monday, 30 November 2015

Monday Moods: Bhopal Travelogue

My work is pretty travel-heavy. Thankfully, I get to, largely, pick and choose where and if I want to travel to! So, last week, when we had some very important work happening in Bhopal- a city I had hitherto not visited, I jumped on the opportunity to travel there.

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a beautiful city steeped in history. I wish I had more time to explore old Bhopal, go to the palaces and the Taj-ul-Masjid as well as visit the caves at Bhimbetka, which is only 70 kms away from Bhopal. Sigh. But, well, there is always another trip!

Here are some pictures from my quick trip to Bhopal:

Snuck in this pretty shot of the evening sky as my plane was about to land in Bhopal. It was a cloudy, hazy day- the first properly cold day this year, according to my local colleagues- and I just loved the cold, brisk air! Quite a refreshing change from Bombay's stifling heat! 

Bhopal is built around two lakes- a large one and a smaller one. I am not sure which one this lake is, but this is the view from VIP Road en route to my hotel. 

I stayed at the gorgeous Jehan Numa Palace Hotel in Bhopal. A once-upon-a-time palace of the Nawab Begums of Bhopal built in 1890, Jehan Numa Palace is beautiful in a classy and understated way. 

The property has a beautiful pool, which guests have access to. 

The hotel is done up very tastefully with beautiful handmade bits and bobs. This display of blue stone pottery is one such example. 

I am normally creeped out my hotel corridors, but the open and beautiful corridors of Jehan Numa Palace were anything but scary! 

Some pretty bougainvillea on the grounds. I love bougainvillea- they are so colourful and ubiquitous (in India at any rate)! 

Could not resist this picture of the pretty Kilim rug in my room and, er, my feet. Itchy feet and travel etc.? :) 

Hope you enjoyed a quick look at my Bhopal experience- unfortunately, much of it was indoors, but hey, at least it was all pretty stuff! :) 

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