Monday, 23 November 2015

Monday Moods: A Little Chumbak Haul.


And a Happy Little Monday to you. 

I am in a good mood today since it rained a little in Bombay last night. Actually it rained a good bit and rains always light my spirits. :) 

This Monday I bring you a little bit of joy. A little haul from Chumbak that I recently made. 

Three things only but I love all of them so much and they brought me so much joy. 

Let's see the pretties shall we!? 

First up this is beyond lovely backpack. I am so in love with all of the owls.
If you know me you know that I have a serious love for all things owls. Like I really, really love Owls. So when I first saw this owl backpack I wanted it and needed it. 

I won't lie the size was a little bit of disappointing. I thought it would be a tad bit bigger. Also the front leather pocket is not a pocket. It's a lie :) A little detail but no pocket. 
But I've carried the bag since and it fits everything I need and it was a joy to carry around. 

Look at them damn owls!
So pretty, so lovely. 

Also the elephants on the zipper are too cute. Such a cute little detail.

The backpack has two main compartments and the back compartment has a little pocket and a section to hold bits and bobs. 

Also the print is all over! 

We also a watch. With cats on it.
I like animals, can you tell? 

It came in a gorgeous tin with owls on it.
I've always been a fan of the Chumbak tins. 
And I adore this watch and I will use the tin to store some of my smaller earrings. 

And finally!

Bobesh! :)

My new big love.

He is meant to be a cushion but I love him like a toy...if that makes sense.

He lives in my bedroom is is lovely as can be.

Love the colours on him and he is so squishy and cute.

These are all of the gorgeous things I got from Chumbak.


Bobesh is my is the backpack. :)