Sunday, 15 November 2015

Stationery Sunday: My Zenkraft A6 Everyday Carry (EDC) Traveler's Notebook

 Hello, fellow stationery aficionados!

Today I will be sharing with you the innards of the little Traveler's Notebook that I carry along with me to document my little outings and adventures.

Here she is! This is the Terra Firma X-Treme Bifold by Zenkraft. You can find Yochanan's Facebook Page here and the Zenkraft website here

Now this notebook is different from your usual Traveler's Notebooks because it has multiple extra pockets and this is a design innovation made by Yochanan of Zenkraft to make these notebooks more everyday carry-friendly. So, there are a bunch of different pockets here as well as the option of carrying a tinier notebook along with the A6 notebooks. 

I use the tiny red notebook to track expenses and the amount of mileage my car gives me! :) 

Currently, I am carrying 4 A6 sized notebooks in here.. One is for lists, one for capturing the little things we did during our outings.. the one with the doggie is my monthly calendar at one glance and the fourth notebook is blank as of now.. still figuring out what to do with it :) 

I love having a journal along whenever I am out. It helps me document things on the go and capture the big and small moments of the day. 

Hope you guys liked taking a peek into my EDC notebook. 


Pragadeesh said...

Super.. Thanks for sharing..May I suggest that u could use your fourth notebook for "to do lists" like Eisenhower decision matrix kind of things??

Pooja T said...

I already use on of the notebooks for my to-do lists...I might use the fourth one for work expenses or notes. :)