Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Monday Moods: A Day in the Life of Me---Dhanteras!

Happy Dhanteras to those who celebrate the festival. 

My Dhanteras was a quiet but busy one. 

I cleaned a corner of my room...I did a more detailed cleaning over the weekend.
I made Gulab Jamuns..I intend on making more tomorrow. 
I also made some soup for my sister who is feeling poorly :( 
I finally finished the book I have been reading since Friday :) 
Put up more lights in the windows.
Put up twinkly lights for my Mother's thakur ghar---home temple. 
Watched kids in my building light crackers, I especially love the anaars. All that whoosh sound and the spectacular light is so special :) 
The fancy rockets and fireworks is lovely too..to watch, I am pretty sure I am scared of lighting those rockets myself. 

Here are some little details of my Dhanteras. 

Mostly lights in  and around my house.
My Maa's Thakurs/ Gods/Goddesses. 

Hope you had a lovely Dhanteras too. 

And hope your Diwali is lovely too! 

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