Sunday, 29 November 2015

Stationery Sunday: Copper Cobra Field Notes TN from Zenkraft

I have a problem, an addiction. I am addicted to pretty, handmade Traveler's Notebooks (TNs)! To be fair, I do not buy multiples of the same kind. I try and add more variety to my collection. In that quest, the quest for variety, I ended up buying yet another Field Notes/ Pocket Sized TN from Zenkraft. This leather has been called 'Copper Cobra' and that's a perfect name for the coppery highlights that this beauty has!

I have been through phases of loving TNs that have a smooth, pristine surface and now, it seems, I am going through a phase where I love TNs with the rustic, weathered look. For instance, look at the striations on this beauty! So perfect! 

The Zenkraft TNs come with an appropriate sized notebook inside. I love how this fiery orange Field Notes complements the beautiful copper-hued leather. 

Beautiful pictures of my Copper Cobra.. just 'cause! So pretty! 

I can't wait to set this up.. saving this up to be my December travel companion! :) 

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