Friday, 13 November 2015

Friday Favourites: What's in my Backpack?


This Friday I am sharing the things I carry around in my backpack.
Lately, I've become quite obsessed with backpacks. 
I find them so easy to use and convenient. 
My collection of backpacks is also growing. 
I like mid-sized backpacks, not too large and not too small. Large enough to fit my essentials but not too big that it looks like luggage. 

Here is my newest backpack from Westside and I love it's monotone simplicity and it's bright coral pink interior which is a delightful pop of colour. 

Here is everything I tote around...

An over view of my bag and things. 
I also usually have a 500 ml of water with me but it's not pictured here..and my phone as well, it was being charged while I was taking these pictures. 

Some close-ups of the bag. 

Some essentials--- mints, gum and hand sanitiser. 

As usual my bag is full of tinier pouches inside to hold all of my odds and ends. This makes switching bags much easier even when I am in a rush.  

I always have a book in my bag. 
This was my current read at the time I took these pictures. 

Above--- a pouch that holds my iPod. 
Below--- an elephant pouch to hold my camera. 
They are both from Accessorize. 

A pink wallet that was a gift from a dear friend.
My wallet often has very little cash but is mostly full of store cards and receipts. I also love the very colourful picture of Goddess Lakshmi-- the Goddess of Wealth that I always keep in my wallet.

My make-up bag.
I love this Kutchi embroidered pouch that my sister got from Bangalore on her recent trip there. 
It's smaller that my usual make-up bags but that's nice. It makes sure I don't overstuff my bag with lip products. 

A red leather Traveller's Notebook in a Field Notes size that I use to journal on the go and make lists and jot down notes. 

And finally, the contents of my make-up bag. 

MAC Studio Fix compact.
Lakme Eyeconic Kajal pencil.
A clip.
A scrunchie. 
A floral bobby pin. 
Forest Essentials lip balm in Rose. 

And my three lip colours...

MAC Lustre lipstick in See Sheer 
Lame Absolute Matte lipstick in Rose Kiss 
Bobbi Brown lip color in Brown

I have recently acquired a new, smaller backpack and I am so in love with it...but I need to trim down my belongings to fit into it. Maybe I'll share the contents of it on the blog too. 


Have a lovely Friday guys and a wonderful weekend ahead! 



Pragadeesh said...

Hey, Do you buy some of these imported goods online ?

Pooja T said...

Yeah, but only my notebook is from abroad, everything else is from India.