Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Monthly Favourites: October 2015.


This post is super duper late. 
I just forgot all about my Monthly Favourites at the beginning of November. 
What with Diwali looming large I just forgot to document all the of things I loved in October. 
And I loved quite a few things in October. 

So let's see them shall we? 
Late but still very loved! 


1. Durga Pujo: My hands down favourite thing all month long was Durga Pujo. The days leading up to it, the preparaitons, the shopping, the outfits being lined up and of course the four days of Pujo festivities! All of it very good! 

2. Favourite Little Bag: I have wanted to carry this red hard-leather bag of mine for ages. I carried it on Ashtami evening. Held everything I needed and looked gorgeous as hell! :) 

3. Favourite Book Purchase: The Illustrated Harry Potter! Ah! Beauty in every single page! I can't wait to read it over Christmas. 

4. Favourite Big Bag: To carry everything I need and more...I loved this Anokhi bag. Gorgeous print and pink and mint hues. Perfect. And this bag is soft as hell. Feels like a little cuddle festival.

5. Favourite Ring: Silver and hand-painted Ganesha. 

6. Favourite Backpack: October was a month of loving bags. This is the third bag I am mentioning in this month's favourite. I have been falling in love with backpacks lately and this navy with brown leather trimmings and hearts all over is just bae. I love it. It's from Westside. 

7. Lokkhi Pujo: October also saw us celebrating Kojagori Lokkhi Pujo. A puja to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into our homes. 

8. Last Rains: Oh! The rains this year were fairly dismal. But October saw the last rains of the season.  I hope next year the rains are better! 

9. Buttons: I am so in love with my new buttons from Claire's. This monster darling is the best thing ever! 

10. New Kindle Cover: In October we finally got new covers for our beloved Kindles. So cute! :) 

These are all the things I loved in the month of October. 

Will be back with my next monthly faves soon and of course as the years draws to an end it will be time for yearly favourites soon! :) 

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