Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tag: 25 Bookish Facts About Me.


I saw this tag floating on Booktube and I wanted to do it as well. 
Talking about Bookish Things is a favourite thing of mine. 

So here are 25 Bookish Facts About Me...

1. Three Little Pigs is my favourite 'fairy tale' even though it has no fairies in it. 

2. My first ever book was a waterproof alphabet book that I used 'read' in my bath as well. 

3. If I don't finish a book in a few days I begin to feel a little restless. 

4. Buying new books always cheers me up. 

5. I didn't read any Young Adult books when I was an actual young adult. I was reading literary fiction and very serious books then. 

6. I don't really sci-fi much. 

7. Nor do I really enjoy high fantasy a whole lot. 

8. I judge people who don't read. 

9. But I don't judge people on what they read---as long as you read. 

10. Thriller books are something I am always in the mood for. 

11. I've been a member of 5 libraries in my whole life. 

12. But I don't think I want to join a library anymore...I am slightly OCD about reading books that so many people have read and touched. I once read a library book with some old food stuck within the pages. YUCK! 

13. I love horror films but somehow horror books don't nearly scare me or entertain me as much. 

14. There have always been books at my home. 

15. I've been buying books and building my own library since I was 19 years old. 

16. I am so happy for translated means I can read Bengali books! And of course several others. 

17. When a book is hyped, really hyped up...I am always afraid to read it...fearing I most certainly won't like it. 

18. I might just be a book snob. 

19. I was vehemently against e-readers when they first emerged in the world and I was sure I wouldn't  ever, everrr have one. But I really do like and appreciate my Kindle and reading on my iPad. 

20. I love Buddy-reading with my sister. So much fun reading the same thing and discussing things. 

21. I don't really have reading slumps. 

22. For the last 4 months I have only been buying books from bookshops. It feels nice to support brick and mortar bookshops. 

23. I am running out of space to store my books. 

24. I really love book-blogging. It brings me so much joy. 

25. There are sooooooo many popular books that I just don't why they are so popular. 

A long list! 

Tell me some of your Bookish Facts too! I'd love to know! 

Happy Reading! 

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