Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday Favourites/// Food, Pens, Mug, Outfit and a Satchel

1. Mac and Cheese with Bacon Bits/// All the things that food dreams are made of. 
Yum in my tum! 

2. Muji Pens/// If you have not experienced the joy of Muji pens, then you are seriously missing out! Muji gel pens are super smooth, super vibrant and they are just the BEST!

3. The Comical Cyanide Mug/// This 'Coffee: The Key to Survival' mug from The Comical Cyanide is just so #facts! Check out her store for more pretties!

4. Layering in Bombay "Winter"/// So, we've had loads of "cold" (er, basically can do without AC, not-boiling-hot) days in Bombay and so, I used that to layer and get all cozy. The dress in this picture is from Forever 21 and the shrug from Forever New.

5. Accessorize Tartan Satchel/// Slightly cooler weather meant toting around this super cute Tartan print satchel from Accessorize with very boho patches on it. Perfect for not-too-busy work days.

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