Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Monday Moods// Wishlist: Bags from Jaypore.


As you might know I am a utter bag lady and at any given time I have my eye on one or more bags I'd want to add to my life. 
Today I want to share some of my bag loves from Jaypore which is slowly but surely becoming one of my favourite places to get bags.
Plus this being my birthday month and all that I have a Longgggg wishlist of all that my heart desires. Ah! If only a fairy Godmother would do her magic and make all my wish lists come to life!

Oh for the love of backpacks! 
How cute is this?! 

Satchel love. Aren't the colours just sublime!? 

This tote has such a dainty print on it. 

I have my heart set on this mini backpack. I love the ajrakh print and even though she seems little I think she'll add a lovely pop to any outfit. 

This is a laptop bag is a thing of beauty. 

I love the combination of pink and indigo. 

So pretty! 

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