Friday, 3 February 2017

Haul/// Bookmarks from The Comical Cyanide!


Today I want to share some seriously delightful bookmarks that I've added to my collection. 
I came across Manasi's wonderful art via Instagram and I knew I had have some of her creations. 
So one fine Saturday evening I ordered 15!! Yes, 15 bookmarks from her shop and they arrived a week later to add some serious joy to my life. 
I also got 2 mugs from her store and I love it. 

I highly, highly recommend you check out The Comical Cyanide and treat yourself to some cheer. 

Look at how cute the envelope is. She doodled on the envelope too! It put the biggest smile on my face! 

Manasi is such a sweetheart she sent this adorable card with my order and wrote the sweetest and kindest things :) 
Ah! This is why I love buying from indie artists and supporting their work. I have come across the sweetest people who all happen to be artists. 

Isn't this the sweetest? 

Now let's jump into the bookmarks shall we? 

These 6 are the funny ones. 
The Nutella one is my favourite. 
But honestly all of them are adorable. 

These 3 are the motivational ones. 

These 3 are full of joy.
How cute is the little chick?! 

Now the bookish ones! 
So cute! 
Love, love, love them so much. 

My heart is so happy. 

Bookmarks are such a joyful perk to being a bookworm. 
This bookworm loves all of her new bookmarks. 

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