Monday, 27 February 2017

Weekend Reads/// Books Me and My Sister Read this Weekend + Mini-Book-Reviews!

Another weekend is gone. 
It is 1:00 am in my time zone and I felt like sharing a post on what I read this weekend as well as what my sister read this weekend. 

I have read 1 and a half book this weekend. 
My sister is nearly done with the book she started on Friday. 

I finally finished reading Hats and Doctors by Upendranath Ashk, this is a short story collection translated from Hindi. The stories are set in newly independent India and are full of wry honour and observations of regular people in everyday settings. Stories set in small towns and big cities, set in households and trains. Slightly cynical but all of these stories felt real and authentic. I really enjoyed these stories and I am glad I got to read some Hindi fiction. 

Honestly I wish I could read the original. I mean I can. I know Hindi- to read, write and speak. But I haven't read a Hindi novel since college, when it was a part of the course. I keep meaning to read a Hindi book but somehow I never get around to it. 
But I really want to. Maybe at some point this year I will do just that, find a book in Hindi to read, even if it takes me some time to find my rhythm and not care that it takes me longer to read a Hindi book. 

Rating: 3.5/5 

Currently Reading/// The Quiet Riot of Robin Shute P. by Prabhjot Kaur. 
I've had this book for over 2 years now. We picked it up at Kitab Khana and I remember my sister reading it and laughing out loud. I have meant to read this book pretty much since then and I am getting around to it only now! 
I picked this book up this morning and I too have LOL-ed hard a few times. 
Set in the backwaters of Kerala in the 1980s, this is a coming of age tale of a young boy in a tiny village. Boy (his name) is quirky and funny and a fun little character to spend time with. 
I am only 80 pages in and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. 

What My Sister is Reading--- Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz/// 

Oh, this is also a book haul of sorts. My sister ordered this book on Amazon earlier this week and started reading it this Friday. We have always enjoyed the writing of Anthony Horowitz, he writes the new Sherlock Holmes books and we've always liked this writing and this story telling skills. I have also read some of his YA horror years ago. So when this book popped up as a recommendation, we didn't hesitate to pick it up. 
This is a psychological is also a book within a book. 
Essentially, it starts off with a manuscript being read by a editor and as she read this book, set in the 1950s in a little village in England that deals with a murder mystery, she realises that she is in fact reading about a real murder. 
What fun! 
A work of fiction turning out to be anything but fictional! 
My sister is more than half way through and loving it! 
 I will read it once she is done. I am always in the mood for a thriller! 


My weekend also included...journaling. 
Watching TV shows. 
Cleaning my house. 
Eating pizza. 
Some pampering. 
Watching old movies. 

And chilling out. 

Hope you had a good weekend too. 

Got to go now, I intend to wake up early in the morning to catch the Oscars! 
The only movie I am really rooting for is The Hidden Figures! 
I saw it last week and really loved it. 
It is such an important and powerful story. 
Also cheering for Dev Patel...he is Indian after all?! 

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