Saturday, 4 February 2017

Movies Lately: Spotlight + The Big Short + Dr.Strange + Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. (Mini-Reviews)


I've been on a movie watching spree for a while now and so, I thought why not share some reviews and recommendations on here for fellow movie lovers.

Let's get into it (in no particular order)..

1. Spotlight/// Spotlight named after the investigative journalism department at The Boston Globe whose sole focus is to investigate certain big stories and cover them without any interference from the main newspaper or any sponsor, political or other kinds of interference.

In 2001, the Spotlight team started an investigation into claims of sexual harassment of children by priests in the Catholic Church. Over months, the team unearthed horrifying levels of abuse and cover-up. Here is the link to the real story.

The movie is brilliant! The performances are subtle and so realistic. Flawless movie!

Highly recommend watching it!

2. The Big Short/// This movie tells the story of how the Sub-Prime Lending Crisis in the US took place in 2008, leading to a world wide financial depression.

The Big Short has a cast of dreams! You have Christian Bale as a maverick doctor turned investment banker who actuals bets on the housing market collapsing much before anyone else had a clue that the home loans in the US were mostly bad or sub-prime loans. Then you have Ryan Gosling, who inspired by what Bale tells him starts also betting against the housing market. Steve Carell is brilliant as the angry Wall Street professional who is so fed up of the Wall Street bulls*t!

The performances are brilliant, the storyline is taut and what I, especially, love, is how something as complex as the sub-prime crisis is explained so well and so simply.

Highly recommend this movie!

3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them/// If you've read the book and learnt all about magical beasts from Newt Scamander's adventures all over the world, then this is a movie that you simply must watch!

The movie is based in New York, where we get to see the US magical community, who are nowhere nearly as sweet, cute and fun as the UK bunch. The American Wizarding Community is obsessed with keeping their identity secret and so, when an accidental encounter with a NoMag (American for a Muggle) leads to some of the magical creatures escaping from Newt's suitcase, Newt gets into a world of trouble.

Trying to capture Newt and his suitcase of magical creatures is New York Auror Tina Goldstein while Jacob Kowalski (the NoMag) and Queenie (Tina's sister) help Newt to find his lost magical creatures and the movie is about the shenanigans that they get into.

Also, there is a nice little twist and connection with the original Harry Potter books in the form of the original dark wizard *wink wink*.

This is a super-fun movie and the magical creatures and the humans are super fun to follow on their adventures!

4. Doctor Strange/// Okay, so, the biggest reason for watching Doctor Strange is, obviously, Benedict Cumberbatch! And he does not disappoint. He is the only shining star in this otherwise pretty MEH Marvel movie!

The whole magical dimensions thing is not very well explained or done as a plot device, though the VFX is stunning and out-of-this-world good! The villain's motivations for whatever he does lacks a lot of context and he just seems like an evil, crazy dude, which most of Marvel villains don't seem like.

So, like I said, watch it for The 'Batch! He is good and fun, though I wish they'd built up his 'before' life a bit much. We're constantly told that Doctor Strange is an arrogant tool but there are like 1.5 scenes where he is super-mild and not at all arrogant! So, yeah.

Still, worth a watch. Also, the mid and end-credit scenes are fun.

What have you been watching?
And what would you recommend I watch?
Do tell!
Weekends are the best time to settle down and watch some movies!
Have a lovely weekend folks :)

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