Saturday, 25 February 2017

Whimsy Wear/// Winter Florals.

I am so bummed that winter is gone from Bombay. We any ways just get 5 days of proper cold weather and it's gone before you can fully enjoy it. 
But this year I tried to make the most of winter and wear some of my mild winter clothing. Sadly most of my hardcore winter wear, from my Bangalore days, sits in storage. But I've kept some pieces handy for trips to the hills and for the occasional spells of cold weather in Bombay. 

I wore this outfit on a semi-cold day in Bombay. 
I wore this slightly thick dress, that I can't wear when it gets warm. I also love the wintery/fall colours of this dress. 
I especially love this cropped sweater of mine. I've had it for ages and I have worn it numerous times! 

What I Wore/// 

Dress + Socks + Giraffe Necklace: Forever 21 
Tights: Marks and Spencers 
Shoes: Chumbak 
Bag + Camera Pendant: Accessorize 
Sweater: Forever New 


I love all the elements of this outfit. The sweater and especially the tartan satchel, which is so wintery too! 
I was reading The Vegetarian at the time and also writing in my leather fauxdori. 
I love how outfits bring back memories of the day you wore them. 

Have a lovely weekend folks. 

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