Saturday, 8 April 2017

Friday Favourites: Laptop Case + Chumbak Shoes + Cath Kidston Mug + Mini-Backpack + Pressed Flowers.


Another Friday has come by and it's time to list some of the things I've been loving recently 
Honestly, the one thing I've loved immensely is Rose Sharbat which I am drinking like a woman possessed! It is the one..of many..things that is keeping me sane this summer! TBH, I am drinking a tall glass of iced-rose sharbat right now! 
And it is good! 

Now on to some other loves! 

1. A Laptop Case from Daily Objects/// I love the dreamy floral print on this laptop case. A perfect fit for out Mac Book Air. Well-made and they have so many options i.e. prints to choose from.
Check them out HERE. 

2. Chumbak Shoes//// These are the fox print (very abstract fox print) shoes from Chumbak. Utterly comfy and the perfect colour for summer. I am so in love! 

3. Cath Kidston Coffee Mug/// I got this mug for my sister since she is a big bird fan! 
I love the pink and all of the little birdies on this mug. Also, it's the perfect size for mornings when you want to drown yourself in coffee! 
Well..isn't that most mornings?! 
You can find some Cath Kidston goodies here. 

4. My Mini-Backpack/// This was my go-to bag on my holiday. 
Cute little fella! 
He is from Forever 21. 
 I call him Sir Bearington! 

5. Pages and Pressed Flowers/// I love finding old books with flowers pressed in them. It's something I never do myself. I am too freaked out killing flowers or staining pages of my beloved books. 
But there is something so utterly romantic and nostalgic about pressed flowers and their subtle fragrance trapped within the pages of a book. 

Have a wonderful weekend folks! 

I need to a ton of stuff this weekend! 
But I also really need to finish on my current read which I've been reading since the end of March! 
I can't wait to dive into my All-Bengali TBR for April! 

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