Thursday, 6 April 2017

Haul/// Kashmiri Bags from Mussoorie. (Travel Diary).


My shopping in Landour and Mussoorie was minimal this time around. Last year I went a little bit crazy and bought 12 books from The Cambridge Book Depot and some other tiny bits and bobs. 
This time I went into Mussoorie only once and was there for barely 2 hours. So my shopping was truly a rushed affair. 

I did manage to go into this shop selling Kashmiri embroidery goodies, mostly bags and pouches. They also had some lovely salwar kameez material but since I have a hard time finding a good tailor in Bombay I didn't even look into them. 

But I did get 2 bags with beautiful Kashida embroidery. I love the colours and how bright and vibrant they are. 

I fell in love with this tote bag at first sight! 
It is a tote but it's shape reminded me of a satchel. 
Weird I know! 
I love that it has a little pocket in the front which is concealed with a little flap. 
I love the bright colours and I love the super long and comfy straps and how comfortably they sit on my shoulders. 
I think I paid only Rs. 450 for it. 

It was this bag that drew me to the shop in the first place. 
I saw the tassels and I had to have it. 
They had a few colours but this one was pink and perfect! 
This is the bag I am currently using. I came back from my holiday and immediately moved into this bag! 
It's roomy and lovely and fits everything I need! 
I paid only Rs. 350 for this bag. 

I got these bags from a shop called Rex on Mall Road.
Do drop in if you find yourself in Mussoorie. 

I love buying little things while I am on holiday. I love supporting the local businesses and also getting some souvenirs from my travels. 
A win-win! 


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