Thursday, 20 April 2017

Vignettes/// Memories from April's Past.


Today I was reminded of April's from the last few years. Memories of places and people from years ago. 
A little snapshot of happy days and joyful times. 
I thought I'd share a few of these memories on here today.

An Appletini, a perfect anti-dote to summer heat! 

A happy place for all seasons and all moods. 
If you find yourself in Bangalore, drop in for a visit and find yourself some delightful bookish bargains. 

A bright bandhni skirt to walk around a rain soaked day in Pondicherry. 
I love Pondicherry and it's quaint French quarters and the sea and the delicious food options. I hope I get to go back soon! 

Another April day was spent in Mysore where I went for a quick little trip. 
This is Tipu Sultan's tomb. 
Loved the carvings on the doors and walls. 

I have always been a book buying ninja! 
I bought these books on a summer day in April 2008 from Blossom's. 
Ah! Book shopping is the very best! 

A sun-kissed booth at TGIF's Bangalore. 

The best part about summer in Bangalore were the dark clouds that would appear in the sky around mid-afternoon and we would have a lovely rainy evening. Sure it would screw up traffic in the evenings. But I loved it! 
I would sit in my balcony with a cup of lemon tea and watch the rain and read a book, mostly because rains also always meant a power cut in Bangalore. 

I have loved looking down memory lane and seeing what April's in the past few years have looked like for me. I wish I took more pictures back then. But I am glad to have at least these. 

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