Friday, 28 April 2017

Monthly Favourites/// February + March 2017.


Today instead of just sharing some of my recent favourites for Friday Favourites, I thought it was about time to do a long overdue post of my monthly favourites from February and March, which for some odd reason I've just forgotten to do entirely! 
My bad! 

I seriously had loved some things that I want to talk about on here. 
So let's just hop into the things I've loved in February and March. 


1. Journal Pages/// I am so in love with how the pages for my journal turned out in February. I love, love, love all of the elements of my journal decor! 
I am so proud of it. 
February is my birthday month and is hands down my favourite month of the entire year and I wanted to do something special to mark it's beginning in my journal. 
Almost all of the elements in this page are from my Planner Society Kit and some ephemera from an Etsy shop. 

2. Closet Re-organisation/// I spent some time this month clearing my closet and rearranging it. Putting clothes I want to wear in the near future in the forefront and putting away some clothes that I wear a lot in the back. It really felt like I was breathing new life into my closet and in my style. This year one of my main goals is to wear a lot of my older clothes and fall back in love with styling my outfits well. Like really take an interest in what I wear. I also intend to not buy a whole lot of clothes this year since I have sooooooooooo many things I haven't worn in year! 

3. Favourite Bag/// Has got to me my Annual Birthday bag from Accessorize. 
 I snagged this baby on 50% off and I am in love with it. Blue and tan and polka dots! 
Ah! It's perfect and it fits everything I need and more! 

4. Silver Love/// I loved wearing silver all month long! 
I mostly OD-ed on rings of all kinds! 

5. Birthday/// I turned a year older and hopefully a little wiser and kinder and more zen. 
My birthday was a very mellow one this year. I stayed in, no book shopping or nothing. I just stayed with my family and chilled. Ate cake. Cleaned my house. Helped my mother pack. Really grown-up things! 
But I got 2 cakes! 
2 cakes! 

6. Colouring Books/// I also coloured my heart out in February! 
Nothing calms me down more and nothing makes me happier! 


1. Favourite Dori/// This is kinda pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen! 
A Lyra and Co. thing of beauty. This one is my sister's Hobonichi A6 cover and its simply darling! 
I have similar and just as cute field notes sized fauxdori. 
So cute! I die! 

2. Goodies from Alicia Souza's Store//// I got some delightful things from Alicia Souza and I love all of them. 4 jot books and 2 buttons and 2 stamps! 
Stationery is the best..the best! 

3. Spring Nail Colours/// I am not the strictest follower of colours for season. I had black nails only last week. But this orange/coral colour just screams Spring to me. 
I also really love the formulation of this nail colours. Gel like finish and it lasts for over a week and that too without chips and inspite of me doing a bunch of chores. 

4. Holi Treats/// Of the love and lure of a well made gujiya! 
And Malpuas! 
I was in sweet, sweet heaven! 

5. Favourite Mug/// I got 2 mugs from Cath Kidston and I love them to bits. 
This pink bird mug is for my sister who is a bit of a mad bird fan and I got myself this super cute mug with  some very London windows on them. 

6. Landour/// Ah! 
My most favourite thing about not just March but so far in the year has been my trip to Landour. 
I loved everything about it. 
The hills.
Winter chills. 
The views. 
And some amazing people I met while I was there! 

Travel is simply the best and I really hope I get to do to more of it this year! 


Apart from these favourites..I also had some favourite TV shows. 

Big Little Lies...which was amazing, powerful and intense. 

Search Party...which is both funny and gripping. 

Riverdale..really enjoying it. Though it is getting a little slow now. 


It feels so good to catch up! 

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. 


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