Friday, 21 April 2017

Friday Favourites: Bookmark + Quote + Skirt + Bag + Journal Pages + Earrings.

1. A new Favourite Bookmark// I picked up this hand carved bookmark from Colaba last week and I love it. I have always seen these bookmarks out and about but never picked one up before. 
I love the little details and that painted elephant on top is the best. 

2. A Favourite Quote I spotted on the menu of the Mockingbird Cafe. I am also glad I tried a new place and tried something new. Also, how adorable is the pizza illustration?! 

3. Skirts/// Come summer and al I want to wear are loose and breathable clothes. Long skirts, palazzo pants and pants that could may as well be pyjamas! 
I love this crushed skirt of mine, Earthy colours and a floral print. 
It's from Fabindia. 

4. Favourite Bag/// I love this very spring appropriate bag of mine. Pinks and blues and hints of green and turquoise, it pretty much goes with everything I wear! 

5. Journal Pages// Finally did my journal pages for April. 
In other news how fast is April running by!? 
Can you believe it is almost over already!? 

6. Silver Jewellery/// I am really, really feeling silver jewellery at the moment. I mean I always kind of do but lately it's been up a notch. I have wearing a lot of silver and even buying some beautiful pieces as well. 
These earrings are from Amrapali and were a birthday gift to my sister from her bestie. 

I am looking forward to this weekend. I plan on resting up and keeping off my feet which are very swollen for some reason! :( 
I also need to tidy up my house. 
I want to spend some time colouring and catching up on my journal. 
All very exciting plans! 
I hope you guys have a lovely weekend too. 


Happy Reading! 

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