Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Travel Diary: What's in my Travel Mini-Backpack?


What's in my bag- posts and videos are some of my favourite things ever! 
Sadly, last year I completely blanked on doing a similar post on the blog! 
I did one in  2014 and one in 2015 and I meant to do one in 2016 but for some reason or another that never happened! 

Well I am not letting me skip 2017. 


These are all of the things I carried on a daily basis when I was in Landour and all of these fit really well in my tiny little mini-backpack. 
Let's see all of the things I carried in my backpack while travelling! 

This is the backpack in question a little morose looking bear mini backpack from Forever 21! 

Now let's see all that I managed to fit in it. 

This is an overview of everything I carried. 

Now on to come close-ups. 

A scrunchie to pull my hair up. 
2 lipsticks---one from MAC in Mehr.
And the other in Salmon Slate from Lakme from their 9 to 5 range of matte lipsticks. 
My phone in a cover from Chimp. 

 Reading material in the form of A Gathering of Friends by Ruskin Bond. 
And my journal to jot down thoughts and memories from Lyra and Co. 

A fluffy hat for the evening walk back. 
It's from Promod. 

The 2 beauty items that are essentials in the hills--- a hand cream and a lip balm. 
Hand Cream from Crabtree and Evelyn in Lavender and the Vitamin E lip balm from The Body Shop. 
Sunglasses case from H&M. 

Some other essentials. 
Sunglasses from Forever 21. 
A bottle of water. 
A pack of tissues. 

I was slathering on hand cream like no one's business. My hands were so dry and my lips couldn't get enough of my lip balm. 
I think my hands were super dry from both the cold and using hot water to wash them. My nail paint has never flaked away so fast before! 

The only thing missing in this picture is my camera and camera pouch that I also carried with me at all times and maybe a woollen stole. 
Oh and the little bright pink coin purse is what I use to store my spare SD cards and spare camera battery. It's from Viari and came free with my pink satchel. 
My card holder/ wallet of the moment is from Forever 21 as well. 

 I love that I managed to fit a proper hardcover book in my backpack as well. It was a little bit of a tight fit but it worked. 
I really enjoyed this book and if you are thinking of starting with a Bond book this is a good place to start. 

My dori is a thing of beauty! 
An A6 sized beauty! 

Let's pack up and hit the road! 


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