Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Whimsy Wear/// Worn in the Hills. (Travel Diary)


When it comes to style I will always be a fan of milder weather. I love layering up. I love adding colours and dimensions to my outfits with a sweater or a shawl. 
So on my recent holiday in Landour I was in heaven. 
I brought out all of the sweaters and caps and shawls. 

These are some glimpses of what I wore while on holiday. 

This is some thing my sister wore in the hills. 
Sweater and a shawl to keep warm. 

Sweater- Forever New 
Shawl- A shop on Mall Road Mussoorie 

I wore stripes on repeat while on holiday. 
And since I am having such a obsession with pins I wore a pin pretty much everyday on my sweaters. 

Pin- Accessorize 
Sweater- Forever New 
Tee-shirt- Marks & Spencer 

This pendant is a favourite of mine. 
It's from Polarity a store on Etsy. 

More shawls in pretty matching tones. 
My stole is from Fabindia and is a wool and cotton blend. It's pretty warm and toasty. 


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