Monday, 10 April 2017

Stationery Sunday/// Pocket R Atelier Traveler's Notebook Set Up

Hello, hello!

Today I am here to share a set up of my sister's most recent Traveler's Notebook. This is her on-the-go TN and she carries it in her bag with her. It has two inserts (notebooks) in it, one for lists and the other is an on-the-go journal.

Let's dive in!

This Traveler's Notebook is from a new store that my sister decided to try called R Atelier. The leather is called Pumpkin and look at how deliciously orange it is! This is a Pocket/Field Notes (3.5x5.5 inches) notebook. 

A closer look at the leather. It is pebbly and super pliable. 

These bookmark charms came along with the TN. See how cute the birdie is! 

This TN comes with two fill-sized pockets inside. Useful for tucking in bits and bobs, receipts etc. 

Here's her set up. The floral notebook is her journal. 

Here's a look at what her pages look like.. she washi tapes the outer edge of the pages, so that the notebook looks pretty and colourful when you flip through it...
The Unicorn poop bookmark is from Etsy. 

The fabric pocket insert is from Lyra And Co. on Etsy. It is made out of Rifle Paper Co. fabric. 

The pocket insert comes with two credit card slots and one full-length pocket on the left and..

.. and a zipper compartment and a pen loop on the right panel.. These inserts are super useful for carrying things around, especially, in TNs which don't have pockets. 

Here's a side view of her TN. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this looksie at my sister's TN! 

Have a great week, guys! 

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