Sunday, 30 April 2017

Travel Diary/// 2 Days in Delhi.


My sister was in Delhi for 2 days this week and got up to some low-key adventures. 
She shopped and ate and hit up some old haunts of hers! 
She also lived with our new friend M and chilled with her family and her little pup Coco. 

These are some snapshots of her visit to one of her favourite cities. 
My sister loves Delhi. She spent 3 happy years of college in Delhi and every time she goes back and she leaves a little bit of her heart in the capital. 


Delhi Metro is not just efficient, it is also very, very pretty! Look at this beautiful wall art outside of the Janpath Metro station. 

You know how these Afghani earrings are all the rage now?! And all these Instagram stores are selling them for a minimum of Rs. 600?! Well, if you happen to go to Delhi, you can just get them for anywhere between Rs. 200-300 at Janpath or even GK M Block market. 

They are not real silver, but they are light and trendy and, of course, pretty! 

Also, pompoms are all the rage in Delhi right now! Earrings, necklaces as a fringe on scarves and dresses etc. 

The Central Cottage Industries Emporium is a touristy place for picking up handicrafts of all kinds, but, it does not hurt to go there even if you are a local because they do have a very interesting selection of fabrics, home decor, art, odds and ends etc. My sister picked up some really pretty fabric for us from there. 

Right next to the Cottage Industries Emporium is a Smoothie Factory; they have shakes, cold beverages and, um, smoothies. They also do really delicious sandwiches! My sister had the pesto and mozzarella chicken sandwich and she highly recommends it if you are in the neighbourhood. 

Speaking of which, the smoothies are pretty good too! My sister and our friend had the mango, coconut and honey smoothie and it was delicious! The smoothies are yogurt-free (unless specified otherwise) and full of fresh fruit. 

Here's another shot of the Metro wall and some hedge llamas? So pretty! 

My sister and our friend, M, went for a leisurely stroll down Janpath and M took my sister to Depaul's for coffee. Depaul's is a Delhi legend and their cold coffees are delicious! Look at that cute bottle! 

The Townhouse Cafe is a loud but fun dinner place. The food is fusion and quite interesting. 

A glimpse at the Warli mural and the beautiful Nataraj murti outside of the Cottage Industries Emporium. 

So, that was a quick travel diary from my sister's quick trip to Delhi; hope you enjoyed looking at a few glimpses of her time there! 

Have a great weekend, peeps! 

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