Sunday, 2 April 2017

Hello April + Goals for April 2017.

Hello April! 
Hello Summer!
Hello Iced-Drinks! 
Hello Summer Reading! 
Hello Hiding from the Sun! 

Be Gentle April! 
Try not to kill us with your heat! 

My April is off to a less than promising start. My sister is down with the flu and a throat infection. So I am busy looking after her and worrying about her well-being. 
Plus the month started with a weather warning us of high temperatures! 
I am not a fan of summer. 
An Indian Summer is not for the faint of heart. 
And since I've only just come back from the hills. The heat is hitting me harder! 


I can only hope that the rest of the month picks up and is nothing like the beginning. 


Some of my Goals for this month are...

⇢To read some big/fat books! 
Something about the beginning of summer reminds me of school holidays when reading was my number one love. I did most of my reading in the summer months and summer inspires me to pick up some heavy/ larger looks. 
So this this should a good enough reason to sink my teeth into some classics and modern classics. 

⇢I also want to watch some old movies this month. 


⇢I have a ton of home based chores I need to accomplish. 
Sort out the biggest shelf of my closet! 
My shelf of home/lounge clothes needs some serious sorting out and chucking of really old and ratty tee-shirts. 


⇢I also really, really want to get back to my dinky arts and crafts. I haven't played around with my paints for months and months and it's high time I changed that. 

I hope April treats you well! 

My April TBR will be up soon. I am doing my monthly ritual of staring at my shelves till I am inspired to pick my monthly reads! 

Happy Reading folks! 


Sending some pink and happy flowers your way! 

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