Saturday, 8 April 2017

Haul//// Stationery from Filter-- Postcards + Bookmarks + Notebooks.


I want to share a little stationery haul today. 
A few weeks ago I found myself in Filter and after spending some time perusing the store I came across these goodies which I couldn't resist. 

2 sets of bookmarks. 
4 little Field-Notes sized notebooks. 
Some seriously amazing postcards that I found at the till. 

Let's see all the awesome that I found! 

Alice in Wonderland themed bookmarks and they come in my two favourite colours. 

I fell in love with these notebooks! 
They depict the many jobs of people during the time of the Raj. So many of these jobs now no longer exist. 
I love the simple sketches and had to have these. They had a whole range of jobs. These were my favourite. 
Also these were such a bargain. The price tag said Rs. 125 but we got each for only Rs. 50! 
The paper quality is pretty nice too. 

And finally the postcards! 
I saw them by the till and honestly I wanted way more than 4 but for once I showed some self-constraint and stuck to only four! 
But aren't these just darling!? 

A happy little haul full of quirky little things! 


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