Sunday, 25 June 2017

Stationery Sunday: Passport Camel Traveler's Notebook // Unboxing and Set Up

Hey all! Eid Mubarak to all my readers! I hope your day is full of family and yum food! :) Send us some biryani and siwaiyan, please! :) 

This edition of Stationery Sunday is really cute because I am going to be handing over this post to my sister who will share with us her new Passport size Traveler's Notebook's (Camel colour) unboxing and set up. 

I have been wanting to get a Passport size TN for a while now. I have a black Passport size TN (made by a Taiwanese Etsy shop that's now closed) and I have used it as a wallet before, but I wanted the Camel coloured one to try using it as my goes-everywhere-with-me writing companion. The idea is to document the little things that happen on a daily basis, which sometimes gets lost when you write them down later! 

So, here is my little Camel Passport size TN! 

Isn't it cute!!! Look at the colour and those cool scratches on it! I can't wait to use it everyday and watch it get scuffs and age beautifully! 

A star charm and a hand clip- to hold down pages while I write. It's really handy (unintended pun!). 

The very first thing I have on opening the TN is a Kraft folder. It is a useful little thing to hold stickers, receipts and other bits and bobs. 

As mentioned, stickers and bits and bobs in my Kraft folder. On the right is my little notebook, which is going to be my on-the-go journal. 

Decorated the first page of my journal with some washi tape and some bits of pretty packaging. 

Washi tapes along the edges of my pages so that when I flip through them they look colourful. I like trying different ways of using washi tape in my journaling and this is what I am going with for my little journal. 

Right after the little journal is one side of my Zipper Insert (also from the Traveler's Company). As you can see, this holds two washi tape samplers on top and some stickers underneath. I love carrying washi samplers with me- useful for sticking things inside the journal and for general decoration! 

On the left- the other side of my Zipper Insert, which has some stencils, a pretty stamp and the cover of my TN. 

On the right- the cover page of my Monthly Insert. This is an undated monthly calendar and I will be using it to write about a positive happening for each day. 

Ergo, "daily joys". Some washi bits to decorate the cover page of the monthly calendar insert. 

Here is what it looks like! I wrote down the dates for July (and messed up some because I was off in la la land!). Some washi and stamps for decoration!

The other side of the zipper insert. This is the zipper pouch side of things, which has some more stickers and a few cute things. 

This is the flip side of it. A calendar for June from Stickerrific and some other stickers and such. 

And, finally, a little clip to hold down pages when I write! Very handy little thing. 

Camel TN from Pipit Zakka Store 
Monthly Insert from Pipit Zakka Store
Zipper Insert from Pipit Zakka Store
Gekkoso Hand Clip from Stickerrific 
Washi Tapes from multiple places

Hope you enjoyed this quick set up post! 

Have a great week ahead! 

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