Sunday, 11 June 2017

Stationery Sunday: Haul/// Typewriter Print Fauxdori from Lyra and Co.


Oh what a delightfully rainy Sunday we are having in Bombay today!
It's been raining all morning long and I am so happy!!
The windows are open and the happy rainy vibes are filling up my house. 
Oh the joy! 

I hope your Sunday is going well too.

For this edition of Stationery Sunday, I want to share this beautiful fabric dori I recently got from Lyra and Co, which is pretty much my favourite place to get fauxdori's from. They are so beautiful and so incredibly well made. 
My sister ordered this one for me and I moved into it the moment it arrived! 
I am using this to hold 2 inserts, one which is my book journal and other insert which is my film journal and blog planner. 

Is there anything more cooler than typewriters?
I hope to one day own one of my own. 
No matter how impractical it may seem or be.
But for now I am soothing my heart with this dori. 

Let's see all the prettiness shall we? 

I am so in love! 

I love everything about this- the print, the colour and how soft and well-made this is. 

I hope you are having a wonderful day.
I am off to read and then nap hard and make the most of my rainy Sunday! 

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