Monday, 26 June 2017

Monday Moods: Haul/// Sock Dolls/Monsters from Footsy.


Hello Monday! 

And a Happy Eid to you! 

For today's Monday Moods post I want to share some new adorable friends! 
I am basically a child at heart and one thing I love above all else are quirky little plushies. 
My house is full of squishy creature big and small. 

When I came across these darling sock monsters on Instagram I just had to have them!! 
I fell in love! 

After a perusal of their web-store I narrowed down on these two creatures. 

Meet Boo and Olly. 
Those are their original names. 
Of course, once they  came home, I gave them new names. 
So blog, say hello to Baa-Boo and Hootie. 

Let's see them...

He is so soft and squishy and incredibly well-made. 

Look at that face! 

They are the cutest things ever!! 

Find a friend for yourself at Footsy. 

I hope this post added some cheer to your Monday! 


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