Monday, 19 June 2017

Monday Moods: Travel Diary/// Snapshot en route to Peshoke

My parents and family friends recently went for a quick getaway to Peshoke- a beautiful hill-station near Darjeeling. On their way, they sent us some pictures and so, here I am sharing some of the loveliness with all of you.

This is the Sevoke Bridge aka the Coronation Bridge, which connects North Bengal to Sikkim and beyond. Isn't she a beauty? Look at those pretty lines! 

This is the confluence of the Teesta and Rangeet rivers. I love these stony riverbeds in North Bengal. There is such a wild beauty about mountain rivers! 

Lilies (they're apparently called Peace Lillies, according to some kind flower-lovers on Instagram) and aren't they just lovely?! 

Here are some red flowers.. not sure what these are called, but look at how cute they look! Also, the red background is totally the perfect red highlight colour! :) 

While monsoons continue to play hide-and-seek with us in this city, an escape to the hills seems like just what my fed-up-of-the-heat heart needs!

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