Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hello June 2017!

Hello June! 

Hello Monsoons! ☔☔☔ 
Hello Rainy Days! 🌂🌂🌂
Hello Chai and Pakora! 
Hello Reading Dark Mystery Books! 

Be Kind June. 
Brings bucketfuls of rain with you. 
Be full of joy and peace! 


I love June.
I love the monsoons and the wonderful rainy days and reading my book all cozy in my bed. 

My plan for June is to read some thriller books and make the most of the ominous cloudy skies and thunderstorms! 

TBR coming soon! 

The storm clouds are coming in! 

June has always been about new beginnings. A new start. A re-start of the year of sorts. 
I guess no matter how long it's been since I left school/college/university, I will always think of June as the start of the new Academic year. 
So I feel excited in June. 
The urge to do a spot of back-to-school or the more enjoyable back-to-college shopping is so strong! 


Be Good June! 

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