Thursday, 29 January 2015

Project 365 2015: Week- 4.

This past week was full of spending time with my cousin, before she left for Calcutta for a whole month. So we squeezed in all our gossiping and conversation in one week. The last week also had Saraswati Pujo, a festival to celebrate the Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom and Learning. We had a little Pujo at home and bhog that followed. 

It was a good week. 

Here is my week in pictures...

Day 22: Went out to lunch with the family and feasted not just on food but feasted my eyes on these gorgeous flowers all over the hotel. I snapped a ton of pictures and will share the rest of them soon. 

Day 23: Went over to one of m dad'd friends place for a very Bengali lunch. Following lunch there was loads of reminiscing and adda. 

Day 24: My sister's gorgeous pearl and silver balis. 

Day 25: Saraswati Pujo. Maa Saraswati in all her glory. We put some of our pens at the Goddess's feet. My cousins, one of whom is about to take her 12th grade exams and another who is in the final year of his engineering put their books at the Goddess's feet and prayed hard. Students are supposed to put their books away and not read or write on Saraswati Pujo. It is a break  from studies. A day I appreciated when I was in school. :) 

Day 26: Republic Day in India and my parent's Wedding Anniversary. We ate cake and my uncle cooked us a lovely meal. 

Day 27: Wore my favourite ring with Maa Saraswati on it. The ring is from Amrapali Jewels. 

Day 28: A fish in my aunt's house. They let light in and look adorable. I spent the day at my aunt's place chatting with my cousin and aunt. And of course eating delicious food! 

See you again next week. 

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