Friday, 30 January 2015

General Whimsy: Bag Lady, Part- VI.

Back with another Bag Lady post. While I am here on holiday, I brought along 5 bags with me. And I had a new bag here waiting for me, a gift from a cousin. So bag wise I should be alright. 

And now about these bags..from top to bottom. 

My current bag, my main Christmas present from my sister, a satchel- of course, from my darling sister. I absolutely loveeeeeeeee it. It's from Accessorize. 

Also from Accessorize is this pencil pouch. Love the print and size of this pencil bag. 

Two handmade bags my sister bought from Dilli Haat on her recent trip to Delhi. So utterly gorgeous. 

My current wallet, from House of Tara via Limeroad. 

And finally, another Christmas present, this vintage (looking) satchel from Hong Kong. I love it's simplicity and I cannot wait to carry it around. 

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