Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hello December!

Hello December! 

Hello Winter. 
Hello Christmas.
Hello Joy.
Hello Merriment. 
Hello Festivity.
Hello Holidays! 

Lo! and Behold! We are in the last month of the year.
Time flies by so quickly, I can remember last December so clearly and remember putting up my tree and doing holiday happy things. And now it's one year later.. 

We shouldn't spend much time worrying about troubles and stresses, it goes by so soon.
Before you know it...the hard times have come and gone, so why spend our precious time worrying about things? 

I hope December treats you well.
Hope it is fun and festive and lovely. 

Even if Christmas is not something you celebrate, the year end always brings joy and happiness along with it. 

I love Christmas. 
And December is always a month I look forward to. 

Hope it's a month that is kind to us all! 


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