Friday, 27 January 2017

Vignettes: Stamp Love.


Stamps are a great way to add some colour and some beautiful prints to your journal pages.
I for one am in love with stamps of all kinds. 
They are gorgeous and add so much character to plain old boring pages. 
I have a goal this year to make my journal pages as beautiful as I possibly can, so I am using stamps, stickers and washi tapes to add some colour and whimsy to my pages. 

All of the stamps shown above are designs by Chemil Garden which we got via Cute Things from Japan. 

They are so gorgeous. Very vintage-y and oh-so-whimsy. 
I am so utterly in love. 
The stamp inks are from a brand called Versa Color which I pick up from Itsy Bitsy

This stamp is from Itsy Bitsy's own brand. 
You can take a look at them HERE
I would recommend you get a clear acrylic block to make stamping easy. 
I am so in love! 

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