Thursday, 19 January 2017

General Whimsy: Bag Lady Part- Part- X.


Time for yet another Bag Lady post to share some of my recent Bag Loves. 


If you didn't know I am a complete and utter Bag Lady. 

This jacquard tote from Jaypore is a new love of mine. 
Love the pink and black and fluffy pink pom-poms. 

This bag of mine just makes me smile. 
A tote with people doing yoga on it. 
How quirky is this darling little bag? 
It's from People Tree. 
The pinks are from H&M and Accessorize. 
The tassels comes from another bag from Max Fashions which I just added to this bag since it matched so perfectly. 

Another bag just makes me giggle. 
This tote is a gift I got for my sister who is the most difficult to impress person. 
Also this kitty and it's expression is the cutest thing ever! 
This tote is from Forever 21

I love ikat, it is definitely one of my favourite kind of handlooms. 
And satchels are my heart. 
I've been into satchels since 2009 and this is a love that endures. 
This satchel combines two of my loves.
I have a similar satchel in a gorgeous yellow that I carried all through my holiday in my hometown last June. I loved it and got this when this bag went on sale. 
It's from Ajio. 

How gorgeous is this bag? 
Love the kutchi print bag that we got from Limeroad. 
It's roomy and so colourful. 

These are all of my favourite bags from recent times. 

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