Monday, 23 January 2017

Monday Moods: Haul--- Buttons, Coffee Mug and Calendar from Alicia Souza.


For today's Monday Moods I wanted to share a happy little haul I had in the beginning of the year from Alicia Souza's charming little web store. I love her art style. It's so quirky and cute and funny and just adorable. I found her work through Instagram and have always wanted to get something from her. 

This time we got some Badges, a Mug and an essential item- a 2017 Calendar which is a basically a colouring book! 
I love all of these things and I can't wait to get a bag from her collection. 

Do check out her store for some seriously cute stuff! 

Let's see what I got! 

I am a sucker for a cute badge/ button. I have quite a collection and I am always looking to add to it.
And I love these cute and quirky badges. 

Harry and an owl that is not Hedwig. 

Audrey Hepburn is a style icon for millions and I am no different. 
How cute is this?! 

The universal truth...I Love Big Books & I Cannot Lie! 

Now on to the calendar. 

Lots of pages to colour in. 

I was so happy to see that for some funny little reason February says Happy Birthday! It happens to be my birthday month and this was a happy coincidence. 

OMG! A sloth! 
I was so freaking happy to see him.

Now the mug...

Isn't she a beauty?
Something about this mug reminds me of old Yash Chopra movies and the heroine's saree fluttering in the wind.

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