Monday, 30 January 2017

Stationery Sunday: The Planner Society Kit // December// Unboxing & Review

Hello, hello!

We've been receiving the gorgeous Planner Society Kit for a few months now and so, I thought I will do a quick unboxing and review of their oh-so-pretty December kit.

We received this kit in early January and somehow this post is going up super late! Oops!

Without any further ado, let's dive in, shall we?!

Here's the envelope in which the kit goodies are packed into! This envelope is then put inside a box, so everything is safe from being jostled around! 

Here are the papers for the month. All winter florals with a touch of red (for Christmas).. What I like about the Planner Society Kit is that they have a very non-festive December kit.. I don't mind the reindeer and holly motifs but sometimes it is just good to have stuff that you can use even after the festive season is over! 

More papers!

Both sides of the papers are printed, so these were on the flipside. 

This month's kit came with a pencil case.. It has two sections and is very roomy! 

The sticky notes this month look like a floral planner.. so cute! 

You can't see these clearly, but these are stencils for drawing on borders and to-do lists in one's planner. So super useful! 

This month's paper clip is a floral vintage chair!! So adorable! 

The journaling cards this month have a sepia theme of sorts.. they are cute.. To be honest, I don't use these as much as I should.. hoarder problems! :)

I love die-cuts! These are not stickers and that makes them so versatile. Perfect for decorating a page/ spread in your journal or even laminating them into paper clips or something. Cute! 

Some close-ups of the die cuts! 

Some more die cut close-ups! 

Tabs! Cute and so useful! I use them to mark off months in my planner. 

Stickers!! I love stickers! Can't have enough of them! 

The nerdy themed glasses are so cute! 


This month's stamps were all to do with to-dos and planning.. love them! 

Last but not least, the pen! We got another cute crown pen this month and a little planner notebook. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick unboxing!

Have a great week ahead! 

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