Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hello 2017! Reading & Blogging Goals for 2017!



Hello 2017! 

Be Good.
Be Kind. 
Be Gentle.
Be Peaceful. 


Happy New Year, folks! 
Hope this year treats you kindly and is one full of happiness. 

My 2017 is off to a slow and leisurely start, I spent most of my day in my PJs and being comfy and cozy. 
I ate pizza.
Brewed a delicious cup of peppermint mocha! 
Watched a movie with my family- Chaar, a Bengali movie from 2014 which consists of 4 short stories in one movie. A really enjoyed this movie. 

The majority of my day was spend thinking about my goals for this year. 
Honestly it hasn't sunk in that this year is here. 2017 is here and it doesn't seem real. 
What is life! 

I am low-key excited for this year. 
2016 was a good year for me and I really hope 2017 is also a good year.
*fingers crossed* 


1. Read 100 books. 

2. Re-read 12 books, at least. 

3. Read more intently. 

4. Read from all over the world. 

5. Read at least 5 graphic novels. 

6. Read 5 the very least. 

7. Read some new authors. 

8. Read more literary fiction. 

9. Read more regional literature. 

10. Read big-fat-large books! 

I hope I manage to keep most of my resolutions. 
But most importantly I want to read good books! 

Now on to some of my Blogging Resolutions! 


1. Blog as much as I me this means 2 things. Blog more & blog when I feel like it and when my hearts desires. 

2. More review posts. 

3. Share my TBRs on the blog. I make TBRs for every month but very rarely share them on the blog. 

4. Share my ebook library on here. 

5. More lifestyle posts. 

6. Blog at least 5 times a week. 

7. Talk about TV shows I love. 

8. Do little movie reviews too. 

9. I really want to share some of my bookmarks on the blog. I have such a large bookmark collection and I've wanted to share some of them beauties on the blog. 

10. Do many more mini-reviews. 

We can check back in the end of the year and see how many of these goals were met. 

Have a good one guys! 

And tell me what are your reading resolutions?! 


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