Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Monthly Favourites/// January 2017.


A whole month of the new year is gone. 
Time flies and I am ok with it. No point sweating over it. :)
January was a good month. 
A long and nice month. 

I read 14 books!

I managed to get 31 posts up this month. 

We had some real winter for a change. 

I watched some wonderful TV shows and movies. 

Wore loads of Indian clothes. 

I journaled and really enjoyed my time spent making my journal as pretty as I can.

You were good month January. 

A good start to a New Year. 

Let's see some of my favourite things from January. 

1. Journal/// I am a list maker and resolution setter. So January is always about making resolutions for the New Year and this year was no different. I set up my new planner and journals and it has made me so happy. 
Above- This is the front page of my journal. I used some botanical die-cuts and some stickers to decorate the front page. 

Below- is my journal for the year. So pretty! It's from Accessorize. 

2. Favourite Mugs/// January was the month of drinking my coffee out of cute mugs! 
I love my Comical Cyanide mug (above) and this beautiful mug from Alicia Souza (below).
There is such a joy from having cute mugs in your kitchen. I think my coffee just tastes better out of a cute mug :) 

3. Favourite Bookmarks/// Gah!! These bookmarks had me at hello! 
I found these bookmarks on Instagram when I chanced upon The Comical Cyanide's Insta account. She had DM'ed me a while back saying how much she liked my account (so sweet) and I loved her art style so much! I had been meaning to get my hands on her some of her stuff and I finally ordered some of these beauties in January. 
I got 2 mugs and 15 (yes 15) bookmarks. A proper haul will come soon! 

I am so in love with these delightful bookmarks! 
You can find these beautiful bookmarks HERE. 

4. Sherlock/// I will admit that this season of Sherlock was not my favourite but still some Sherlock is better than no Sherlock! Always happy to have my favourite show back on air. 

5. Peppa Pig/// I spotted a whole display of Peppa and her family of pigs at Hamley's. I was smitten. I know and knew nothing about Peppa and her show. But I saw this toy and I wanted it so bad. She is so cute and she is even holding a little toy of her own! 
I die! 

6. Stamps/// I have been obsessed with stamps and inks and the beauty they add to my journal pages. There is something so retro about stamps I love them. 

7. Winter Vibes/// My usually warm city was finally cold and wintery for a brief spell! I was in heaven and I got to wear some light sweaters and layer up. 
Ah!!! So happy to have had a semblance of winter. I especially love winter mornings. Quiet and lovely and so still and crisp. 

8. Silver Wearing/// I wore a lot of silver this month and it was my favourite thing. I wore so much Indian style and it made me so happy. I love this pendant of mine, it's Radha handprinted and then framed in silver. It's from Jaipur and it's one of my absolute favourites! 

9. Death in Paradise/// This is the 6th season of BBC's Death in Paradise, a crime show based in a beautiful Caribbean island, where the team of quirky and sweet cops solve murder cases and have a lot of fun whilst doing so. 

10. Unforgotten/// This is a really interesting detective series, which solves crimes that have happened in the past. Last season, the team solved a murder case from 1976 and this season, they're solving the murder of a man killed in early 1990. The cases and the performances are both excellent! 

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