Sunday, 8 January 2017

Currently Reading/// My First Reads of 2017- Sherlock Holmes & Ruskin Bond.


I put a considerable amount of time in picking my first reads of the year. I am a little bit superstitious like that, I have a feeling that the first book of the year sets the tone for the rest of the year reading. So I think long and hard, stare at my bookshelves and pick a read. 

Last year I started 2016 with Sherlock since I was watching Sherlock and The Abominable Bride and obsessing over it. And Mr. Holmes is a fantastic way to kick off a year. So I kinda stuck with it this year. Also this year season 4 is on and as always I am smitten. So I started my year with Sherlock Holmes and His Last Bow- a series of short stories from when Sherlock is a little older. 

I am very slowly making my way through this book and as usual enjoying these stories. 
Seriously, if you haven't jumped into these stories. Please do. These are a classic for a reason and  they are extremely accessible and easy to read and get caught up in the magic. 
So good! 


Truth be told though, I actually started my year with the soothing words of Ruskin Bond, which is an unbeatable way to start anything. Words from the hills. Words of quiet wisdom. Words that soothe me and comfort me. 

A Book of Simple Living Brief Notes from the Hills by Ruskin Bond. A book I picked up in Landour when I was there on holiday and I started reading it then but I didn't finish it, I got to only page 11 and kept it aside. 
I picked it up again on the 1st of January to be reminded once again of the hills and Landour. 

It's the 8th of this month and I still haven't finished any of these books  yet. 
But I have finished 3 other books on my Kindle. 
My 2017 is off to a pretty good reading start for me. 

How has your reading been so far? 

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