Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Whimsy Wear: Shoe Haul from Max!


I've recently re-discovered the wonderful world of Max Fashions. 
When I lived in Bangalore, we had a massive Max store right opposite my house and I went in time and again to pick up some basic things like tees and comfy shoes and such. 
Once I moved back to Bombay this store sorta slipped my mind. 
I would sometimes go in to take a look and browse but lately I've been finding such treats in this store. 
Especially bags and shoes. 

These two shoes are my newest purchase from the store and I am so happy with both of them.
So trendy and so comfy and fun. 

Sparkle and shine! 
These shoes may seem a little OTT to some but it's golden goodness makes me rather happy. 
These were very comfy and pretty much go with everything! 

My doll Binni seems  to match my shoes too! 

I saw a very similar pair in Zara for pretty much thrice the price I paid for these. 
I mean for such a trendy piece I didn't see the sense in paying over 3K! 
These babies are pocket friendly and comfy and I love the patches on these cuter than the ones on he Zara pair TBH! 

My father has now taken to saying that I must have been a cobbler in my last life, given the amount of shoes I own and how drawn I am to new shoes! 
I don't know about past lives but in this life I am unabashed shoe-lover! 

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