Sunday, 22 January 2017

Stationery Sunday: Midori Slim Pouch Diary 2017 {First Look}

Hello, hello!

I thought I would share a quick first-look at the Midori Slim Pouch Diary that I am using for work planning this year.

I saw this on Instagram and really wanted to get my hands on the Pink Madras Check version, which seemed to be sold out everywhere! Eventually, I bought it off Taobao. So, without any further ado, let's get into it.

So, like the name suggests, this is a slim, compact little diary with a linen cover. The cover has a full-length pocket along the front and a zippered pocket at the back. Very handy to stick in receipts and other things that you need to claim at work. 

I, especially, love carrying this planner when I travel.. I save my Boarding Passes and all food and cab bills in these pockets, so that I don't have to go rooting through  my wallet to find them later! 

Here's a view of the back- the full-length of the back cover is a zippered pocket! Again, super useful! 

The inside cover has 4 card slots and another full length pocket. Keep some cards and paper clips in here.. I also have some washi tapes (not pictured here) and other bits and pieces in here now. 

A better picture of the diary pockets and the amount that it can store..

There is also a pen loop at the back and I clip-on a fountain pen when I am in town and some kind of a gel pen when I am travelling (some fountain pens don't do well in the pressurised cabin of airlines!). 

I use this diary to plan out my week in the form of to-dos and reminders and stuff like that. In terms of layout, it is a week on a page on the left side and a page full of notes on the other. Love it! Just enough room for work planning. 

I hope you guys liked this little look at my 2017 work planner. 

Have a great week ahead, guys! 

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