Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Favourites: Festivals + Food + Jewellery + Coffee & Decor.

1. Ganesh Utsav and Related Festivities: The 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi have come and gone. For 10 days my city is all lit up and in celebratory mode. Music, lights, throes of people going from one pandal to another and a general air of happiness descends over Bombay.
The festival and the celebration itself has changed quite a bit over time.I remember when I was in school, pandals blasted music all day long and not all religious and pious either. Item numbers and raunchy tunes in a place of worship has always felt very wrong to me. I am glad to see some of it change. At least in my vicinity. The music doesn't blare out of loudspeakers all the day long and even on visarjan day, it's a whole lot better than it used to be! I guess some changes are for the general good.

The picture above is from my local pandal. 

2. Mughal Art Trays: I am a huge fan of Mughal art and architecture. Mughal miniatures especially have me spellbound by their colour, beauty and opulence. 
My mom spotted these trays at Home Stop while we were out shopping recently and fell in love.
I think the are from India Circus
They are most certainly on my Wishlist.
The funny thing about growing up is one's sudden interest home and home goods. 
I find myself looking at Food Processors, chopping boards, knives, blenders and of course pretty decor bits. 

3. Coffee from CBTL: I am a big coffee person. you didn't already know that! 
But Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is one of my favourite places to get my coffee fix.
Pictured above are remains of my White Chocolate Iced-Latte and my sister's Salted Caramel Ice Blended Latte. 
So good! 

4. Amethyst Pendant: Forever 21 has had my heart lately. Their jewellery this season is so on point. It's like boho heaven in there and I am not complain at all!  I might have gone a little overboard indulging myself but I have no regrets! Literally I am not sad/mad about anything I've bought from there lately! I seriously recommend you drop in at a store closest to you or have look at their online store. The jewellery is stunning. 
This amethyst (faux I am sure) pendant is a new big love of mine. Amethyst is my birth-stone and I am always drawn to it. 

5. Cafe Mangii: An old favourite. I love their grubs. Delicious.
Pictured here is their Caesar Salad with Chicken and a spicy chicken with guacamole dip. 
So good! 

These are some of the things I've been loving lately.

Hope you guys had a lovely Friday and have nice long weekend (here in India).

Happy Reading! 

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