Monday, 12 October 2015

Monday Moods: Haul/// New Kindle Cover!


And a happy, happy Monday to you :) 

Today is Mahalaya, the first day and the beginning of Durga Pujo. 

And I woke up to an amazing package in the mail. A new cover for my Kindle. And it's covered in darling little elephants. Elephants are one of my favourite animals and I love everything that has an ellie print on it. :))) 

The cover is from CathyKDesigns  an Etsy shop that has really cute covers for eReaders, iPads, Laptops and other gadgets. So if you are in the market for a cover for your devices give the shop a looksie. 

I am so happy with my Kindle cover. I've had the same black leather cover for my Kindle for ages and it's nice to have a little change and a little prettiness for my Kindle. 

The cover is well-made and fits my Kindle like a glove. I am so in love!!! Cathy also, very kindly has sent a free stylis with the cover. 

My sister got a cover for her Kindle too...will share that soon as well. I just wanted my ellie darlings to have a whole post to themselves :) 

What a joyful Monday this has been...a great start to my favourite festival! 

Subho Mahalaya fellow Bengalis. :) 


acupofcoffee andafairytale said...


that's a nice cover! I am definitely buying one of these for myself!

Pooja T said...

Yeah! It's lovely. I am eyeing up a few other covers myself! :)